Regressions Of GNU\Linux

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Change is not always for the better.

Udev requires reboots after Ubuntu 14

When I started using Linux distributions one of the things I noticed was how well updates were handled, compared to proprietary software. No forced reboots, no update screens that leave the user waiting. You can use your computer while it's updating. This statement ("Linux never needs to reboot when it updates") changed with udev requiring a reboot in Debian 8 or 9 occasionally.

Apt instead of Apt-get

This is a tentative, based on whether they remove support for apt-get. If that is the end goal, then this will be a valid regression, until then, they live side by side. I don't need apt, when apt-get does the job. Needless changes. There must be something more important to do than this.

ifconfig replaced with ip

ifconfig, is simpler to use, and easier to view for basic nic information, or setting an ip (ifconfig eth# netmask ip is unnecessary complexity for most use cases.

/etc/resolv.conf depreciated

All you should need for DNS is a pointer to a DNS server. Put that in /etc/resolv.conf. The simplicity of that is a threat to more obtuse OS, therefore there will be an effort to complicate it.

Dropping Support for i386

Some distributions are dropping 32-bit support. With one fell swoop, hundreds of thousands of laptops made before 2006 and 2007 became less useful.