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port forwarding

Port forwarding is two steps:

  1. redirect port from outside to internal (NAT)
  2. allow access from outside to inside via this port (firewall)

Contents of /etc/config/firewall

config redirect option name 'PassthroughformyServer' option src 'wan' option proto 'tcp' option src_dport '80' option dest_ip '' option dest_port '80' option target 'DNAT' option dest 'lan' config rule option src 'wan' option proto 'tcp' option dest_port '80' option target 'ACCEPT'

Note: Proto can be 'tcp' OR 'tcpudp' OR 'udp'

reserved ip / static lease

Contents of /etc/config/dhcp

config host option ip option mac c2:44:32:18:cd:ab option name reservedipcomputer