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Recommended Router

This is a rack mount router. Flashing is easy and well supported. It does not include wireless. In my experience (with tplink routers) wifi can have issues, so I recommend using a dedicated wireless AP. A more modular setup.

Enterprise companies (i.e. if you have $$$) can look at

Recommended wireless AP

Open mesh is good. But they were bought out. Unifi is another option. Only buy wifi APs that support openwrt.


port forwarding

Port forwarding is two steps:

  1. redirect port from outside to internal (NAT)
  2. allow access from outside to inside via this port (firewall)

Contents of /etc/config/firewall

config redirect option name 'PassthroughformyServer' option src 'wan' option proto 'tcp' option src_dport '80' option dest_ip '' option dest_port '80' option target 'DNAT' option dest 'lan' config rule option src 'wan' option proto 'tcp' option dest_port '80' option target 'ACCEPT'

Note: Proto can be 'tcp' OR 'tcpudp' OR 'udp'

reserved ip / static lease

Contents of /etc/config/dhcp

config host option ip option mac c2:44:32:18:cd:ab option name reservedipcomputer


I tried to add this to the wiki, but someone ( decided to replace my simple solution with an obfuscated one that requires uci commands. So instead, it will remain here. EDIT: I added it back. See how long that lasts...


opkg install openvpn-openssl

Contents of /etc/config/openvpn

config openvpn 'custom_config' option config '/etc/openvpn/myconfigfile.ovpn'

And your .ovpn in /etc/openvpn/.


Put in /etc/profile. e.g.

export TERM=xterm
alias vpnme= 'openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/myconfigfile.ovpn & ./ &'

various links i found interesting

  • - Technical Reference. Has some informative dives into various aspects of low power routers. As an example see this link on flash: IME, flash is built in obsolescence. usb drives, sd cards, and onboard flash tend to last much less than advertised. not recommended. SD and SSDs are a trap. from this: even 'reading' flash can cause bad blocks. that's right, even reading. therefore flash is guaranteed to fail. tech companies love it.