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Some electronic and electrical parts are more easily reused.

Here is a list of parts to give a new life. If you are ever curious what kind of parts can or can't practically be reused, go to an electronics surplus store, and look at the selection. These stores have mapped this out a long time ago. The below list is kept as a personal reference.

Easily Reusable Parts

  • Antennas
  • Chassis (sometimes)
  • Ethernet cable Wire
  • Gears
  • Fan blades (found on appliances (e.g. dryer), industrial equipment)
  • Fan modules (found on computers)
  • Lenses (found on cameras, scanners / printing equipment)(You can find loupes this way)
  • Metals (especially aluminum, lead, anything that melts at a low temperature)
  • Motors (large) (appliances, industrial equipment, hvac, refrigerators)(many kinds)
  • Motors (small) (printers) (mostly steppers, brushless, and maybe servos)
  • Power supplies (either bricks, or bare PCB) (Linear or switching)
  • Speakers
  • Springs
  • Transformers

Easily Changeable Parts

Similar to the above list, yet pertains to parts that can be replaced in an existing device.

  • Antenna (An early rule of RF (hams) is to have a good antenna, before good equipment)
  • Batteries (add longer lasting or rechargable)
  • Motors (in case of failure)
  • Speakers

Easily Made Parts

  • transformers (enameled wire and magnets, possibly 3d print or weld holder)
  • inductors
  • aluminum boxes
  • rf filters (simulation software (such as qucs or ansoft) and cnc mill/dremel, aluminum box