VGM Players on GNU\Linux

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Many traps here. I'll add this page to traps section.

GUI Players

  • Audacious - Generally works for a couple of formats. NSF, SPC, and PSF. Lacks many formats, though.
  • Deadbeef - Similar to audacious

Command Line Players

Maybe you want to play chiptunes on your RPI, or some other ARM device. This would technically allow you to run it 24/7, as its low power. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options. This is a dangerous area!

  • gstreamer - todo
  • nosefart - 2.9 srcs compile, but fail to find nsf files in argc/argv switch. Comment that out, and it appears to play, but makes no sound output, and time is off by a large margin (very slow).
  • mdxplay - error on compile, due to lack of libm, but fixing that, doesn't play on bb.
  • VGMPlay - compiles, but has issue out of the box on bb. garbled audio output (only plays genesis .vgm)
  • VGMStream - compiles, but only for streamed (not sequenced, i.e. most) vgm
  • sexySPC - x86 architecture only. Will not compile on ARM due to nasm asm.
  • xmms2 - No plugins in default debian repos (e.g. festalon which supports nsf in xmms is not available for xmms2.) OR doesn't install correctly in devuan beowulf due to gvfs issue.



Playing vgm from terminal on ARM devices is tough. Beware of the rabbit hole.