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ms tool list

  • compmgmt.msc
  • richcopy/robocopy
  • wireshark
  • the user
  • eventvwr
  • ncpa.cpl - network connnections
  • cmd + r then shell:startup
  • msinfo32
  • the users business secrets
  • msconfig, services, hide windows, disable any that aren't needed
  • Control Panel, Security and Maintenance, Reliability History
  • command to enable ping: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="ICMP Allow incoming V4 echo request" protocol=icmpv4:8,any dir=in action=allow
  • systempropertiesadvanced
  • powercfg \Q (query sleep settings) (make sure fast startup is off)
  • sysinternals autoruns - tells you where startup programs are (more than task manager) (idea: take a autoruns snapshot of the computer when you start managing it, and then if it becomes slow, compare / contrast the old & the new.)(there is a book on sysinternals, as well as a number of similar books on powershell, cmd prompt, and basic windows management of the same series of books). (you can also export to text and then do a diff before / after ref: youtube G_YlltkI2mA)
  • ansible (haven't actually bothered to use this. i manage small networks, not large.) And there is an old joke that bash (cygwin if necessary) is more future proof anyway. Docker however, is good.