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If you have something bad happen to you, or you see danger, it's important for you to warn others.

Here are some bad things I've had happen to me.

Keto Related

  • Don't eat only meat. And don't eat only one type of meat. You must mix it up, and eat also grains (I prefer rice and wheat based foods). If you eat only steak, you can run into the problem of where you body will simply not want to eat steak anymore. You can't live off of only one food (neither can dogs for that matter, but they somehow managed to sell dog chow). (To be fair, I went a couple years eating mostly meat, so it's not something you need to panic about. A meal of meat only here or there is perfectly ok. It's when you try to go months on meat alone that you will run into trouble. I also ate low end mass produced grocery store meat, which may have had an impact).
  • Don't eat a lot of cheese. Cheese does not digest properly, and instead will cause uncomfortable stomach and gastric sensations. You can also become intolerant of dairy. Not necessarily Lactose intolerance, but Dairy intolerance.
  • Overeating of Milk products can cause fatigue, and if you get this type of allergy, it will be subtle and hard to diagnose. Unlike some foods, where your body will indicate that it can't eat it (for example, if you get sick of a food, it won't taste good) milk will always taste desirable. The exception, I found is yogurt. If you get to where you can't eat yogurt anymore, like I did, and if you find yourself fatigued from some unknown cause, this may mean you are unable to eat dairy.


  • If you drink, smoke, or do any drugs when you are a teenager, you will stunt your growth. This is why we now have manchildren everywhere. Everyone is shorter than they should be. I am 5'4".
  • Oliver Twist taught us that we should eat until we are satisfied. It's also important to sleep enough. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is everything. Sleep and food are everything.