Using an IP Camera as a Webcam Resources

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Caution: This page discusses Proprietary Software which is known to do the following to computer users: Record their actions, Mine their personal data, Steal business secrets, and other nefarious things. Steakwiki recommends against using unknown and unvetted software whenever possible.

Resources for using an IP Camera as a webcam. Note that support will depend on the protocol of your IP Camera. Most are RTSP (h264), some are MJPEG, or some other type. Support for each will vary.



  • Webcamoid


  • Droidcam

GNU\Linux source only here: Unsure where Windows source. Requires Client version (for PC).


Unsure I don't see source, but the license is not an issue. Others have used his work. Email developer?

Black Box/Proprietary

No source. this one is freeware.

From Seattle. Appears to be a reputable company, but no source.

Literally a binary driver/library on Github.


I went ahead and implemented all FOSS solutions. This is what I found:

  • Webcamoid - Works, but extremely slowly for my MJPEG camera. about 0.2 or 0.1FPS.
  • Droidcam - Did not work. Had no option to uninstall from add/remove programs.
  • - This worked the best, for an MJPEG camera.


It depends on your camera. If you have an RTSP, you can try webcamoid. For my MJPEG camera, I was able to get ip-webcam to work without issue. It connected up to Zoom (skype should also work...). An external microphone was used.

Based on this, I'd say that IP Cameras can be used as webcams, with some user ingenuity, and assuming the camera plays nice.

Is it worth the trouble? Depends. I'd say: Generally no, with exceptions.

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