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some years of gnulinux, commands i have found easy to understand, yet still useful

find . -print | grep <somefile>
find . -printf '$TY-%Tm-%Td %p\n' | grep 2020-12-29
stat /files/* | grep -A5 <somenameoffile>  | awk 'xor(/File/,/Modify/)' > /tmp/dates
sed -e 's/original/new/g' -i editfileinplace.txt
grep 'one|two|three'  -search multiple items (may want to add -i to ignore case)

edit .bashrc

alias hs="history"

Useful but less intuitive commands

To get file counts for all directories (say you want to know how bloated / lean a software project is)

du -a | cut -d/ -f2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

Resources: Unix Power Tools 1993