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Various quotes. I don't claim originality here, as nothing is new under the sun. But, poignant.

  • Most of mankind's problems would be solved by a drastic reduction in the population
  • Putting dishes in the dishwasher is not a math problem
  • A good day is a long jog, a meal of fresh steak and garlic, and a lot of work getting done
  • It is easier to destroy than it is to create. Don't destroy.

Self Driving Cars

  • Autonomous vehicles will never be reliable. Humans can't even get "traffic lights" right, let alone self driving cars.

This one is a bit of a madlib, but it shows the ludicrous nature of our entrepreneurs. Underestimating how difficult a problem can be. The phrase "traffic lights", could be replaced with a number of other of similar items that are much simpler than self driving cars, yet have completely been messed up in society.

Other items:

  • "Keeping humans from over populating the planet"
  • "School systems"
  • "Corruption out of our elected officials"
  • "Keeping from Poisoning the environment"

The idea that humans will be able to figure out self driving cars, or speech to text: computer tasks that have eluded people's efforts since computers became popular... It's as viable as traveling to another planet. No amount of processing power can replace a human being. Apples and oranges. Computers are tools for humans, but they are not always replacements for humans.


What if learning was more important than grades?