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Projects reference list


  • 60Hz Mains Freq. Counter - Good to 4 digits. A roundabout way of counting mains via 74 logic, an Attiny10 as the clock, to a Xilinx CPLD counter, with an Uno outputting to an 8 digit 7-segment LCD. Testing my abilities with different hardware. Works.
  • Attiny10 Deep Dive - Tests with an Attiny10 using solar panels and RF transmission.
  • Proto Boards - Custom proto boards are my go-to for development. See also the proto board in the Attiny10 repo. Bread boards are built to be torn down. Soldered proto boards can be built to last.


  • Battery Charger - Dev board. Not successful. Jumped too early to the two layer pcb before thoroughly testing on proto boards (I generally don't use breadboards).
  • Car Stereo Hack - Turns out the 1HL $20 car amp has noise on the output. Fail. Cars require amplifiers that reject power supply noise properly.
  • Computer Switchboard - Computers should have more levers, switches, and adjustment pots. Like an airplane. WIP.
  • Flammable Gas Sensor - These devices are fairly straightforward. Learning a bit about Heater Coil (Flammable) Gas Sensors.
  • Motion Detector - Used with GNU\Linux security software to eliminate false alarms. Some of these are in active use.