Holy Things in Computing

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holy things in computers:

  • trust, privacy
  • ascii text files
  • hitting one key to do a task
  • understanding what is happening
  • mouse
  • custom user interfaces (custom keyboards, buttons, guis, etc)
  • vitamin d
  • automating tasks via terminal/cli (I say this not just as an enemy of gui os

but on a strictly practical level. Cron is efficient and beautiful. Task manager is a slog.)

  • backups
  • reproducible things (i.e. docker. but not a laptop with the only reproducible dev environment you have for a program made 20+ years ago)
  • stepping away from computers for a period of time and returning to them
  • simplicity
  • repositories of basic files. i.e. places where you can visit and get say:

Random images, random text files, random movies. random songs. A combination of randomness with common media types. Sometimes they are geared to a subject (i.e. rock music, anime images). but no fluff, just the media.

  • repos of programs
  • this:
    send things via nc (just a raw tcp connection)

    nc -l -p 23456 > somefile.txt

    cat /tmp/somefile.txt | nc
  • network monitoring
  • cpu / ram monitoring of a program as development progresses, tracing, profiling
  • computer instruction repositories / search engines
  • when you can list all the processes running, and they dont overflow the screen (this is another simplicity)
$ pstree
     ├─sshd───sshd───bash───tmux: client
     ├─tmux: server─┬─bash───pstree
     │              └─bash───sudo───su───bash