Fads for the Gullible

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Don't believe it until you see it, and then see it twice.


programming edition: 01/21 the fad for the gullible this month (and last 6) is RUST. And also X11 being removed in favor of wayland. Here's what happens. C and RUST. Divide and conquer. Enough said. X11 gets deprecated. Then what happens: Same thing that happens to firefox every 10 years. A whole lot of software loses backwards compatibility. If you want to be competitive, you need solutions that stand the test of time. changing the OS every 10 years will never be competitive. losing X, will only bolster web browsers. Focus on Office compatibility, none of this X windows, or language stuff. RUST isn't going to win small and medium businesses over to FOSS. And that is the battlefield. Not what language or what window manager is used.


today the fad for the gullible is: taking a vaccine. People think taking a vaccine is going to make them safe. They believe fervently in it. How easily folks will trust the gubermint. remember always to never trust the gubermint.

Weighted blankets: (can't you just get this from having multiple blankets...?)

today the fad is: sleeping in hammocks. someone says its revolutionary. sleeping in a bed isn't good enough? seems to work for most people. i'm not saying i wouldn't try a hammock, but if it involves spending money then i would exercise some caution. A smaller bed footprint would be nice.


Air fryer: (Psst... It's really just a convection oven. Air fryer is a buzzword).

2018 Edition

My pillow. There always seems to be some 'As seen on tv' piece of trash that enraptures the gullible public.

2013 Edition

today the fad is: bitcoin. Apparently, some people think they beat the game of life by investing in imaginary money. Nope. Life can't be beat that easily. Try again. I'll see you at the pearly gates, greedy folks.

2011 Edition

the shakeweight (it was a piece of trash exercise toy). As seen on tv. Guessing 2011. Maybe have been earlier.