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The Zero Carb diet is based off of work done by others. See the references section at the bottom for links to Vilhalmur Stefansson, Wolfgang Lutz, and Owsley Stanley for more details.

Fundamentally, the Zero Carb diet is an extremely low carb diet, facilitated by eating from the animal kingdom (read: Meat), which is lightly cooked, as to not denature (read:burn) the proteins. It is a carnivorous diet.


Safety first. There are a few principles to adhere to. Because meat is being eaten rare (rare is a synonym for raw), there are inherent dangers. Consider the following:

  • Do not eat rare meat from freshwater fish or any ocean fish that travel in freshwater (eels, salmon, sea bass). This meat should be cooked thoroughly.
  • Do not eat rare meat from wild land animals (deer, elk), unless it is inspected by someone trained to do so. This meat should be cooked thoroughly.
  • Do not eat rare meat from animals that are not inspected by professionals and or farmed.
  • Do not eat rare meat from animals that do not have hooves. This means, do not eat pork.
  • Rare meat from farmed & inspected animals can be eaten (steer, chickens, other birds, buffalo, etc)
  • Rare meat from ocean fish (aka sashimi, or sushi) can be eaten.

Generally, the outside of meat is cooked, to kill any possible bacteria. It is possible to eat meat completely rare (steer), and you will likely be fine, however it is not recommended, because steak tastes better when the outside is cooked. Exception: fish taste better uncooked. Also go by your intuition. Chicken doesn't taste good rare, so don't eat it like that. Steak on the other hand, does not have this problem.


Humans are anatomically most like carnivores. Our intestines mimic that of a lion, or a wolf. We do not have intestines that look like herbivores or grazers (steer, deer, rabbits), and we do not have intestines that resemble those of omnivores (rats, mice). We do not have eyes on the side of our heads like prey animals (steer, elk, etc). We have binocular vision that looks forward similar to other predators. Therefore, we are by nature carnivores, and in order for optimum health, we should eat as carnivores - that of mostly meat.


When you don't eat carbs, you don't have blood sugar swings. This reduces mood swings and improves concentration. Carbs are converted to sugar in the body. Sugar is poison. You will not be hungry as much, and if you are overweight, you will likely lose some weight. You should always eat as much as you want, but you will find yourself less hungry. Note that there is a transitional period you must get through (a few days to a few weeks) where you should wean yourself off of carbs - only eating as much as you need. During this time, you will feel sluggish, but it will pass.

You may find that you eat less often. I only eat two meals a day. Eat when you are hungry, and don't when you aren't.