What is Zero Carb?

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What is zero carb?

A zc diet is one based off of animal foods. The digestive anatomy of a human being is most similar to that of a cat, or dog (both primarily carnivores). In fact cats are reportedly used in medical dissection classes, as an analogue of the human digestive system. Based on this, humans are carnivores by nature, and thus for optimum health should eat primarily animal meat.

Of course, life is subjective, so you are free to eat whatever you wish. However...

It's very simple. Examine the digestive organs of an herbivore, such as a cow. There are multiple stomachs designed to digest grass. Now examine the digestive organs of an omnivore, such as rat. There is a long appendix which works to digest carbohydrate based foods (grasses, grains, vegetables, etc). Now, look at a human's digestive anatomy. It is distinct from the above two with neither multiple stomachs, nor a functioning appendix, and instead is identical to that of a cat or Lion, both which are carnivores. That's it. It's not a difficult concept to grasp.

External References

Those interested in learning more should review the following resources which contain further information on this particular diet.

  • Life Without Bread, Lutz, Wolfgang. A 2000's book which discusses the health benefits of limiting carbs to under 70 grams per day.